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Comfort Cave™ - Soft Plush Calming Cat Bed

Comfort Cave™ - Soft Plush Calming Cat Bed

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Picture being your cat and the tranquility of resting on a soft, billowy cloud, where comfort meets privacy—your fur baby's dream hideaway. We've got them covered! (please view our 'Features' section below for more details)

✅ Effectively Relieves Anxiety
✅ Soothes Joint Pain & Arthritis
✅ Improves Sleep & Behavior
✅ 1-Year Warranty
✅ Taxes Included

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(All of our pictures show the M 20" size, please view our size guide below for size references)

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Step into the purr-fect solution for your fur baby’s anxiety with our Calming ComfortCave! Indulge your cat in the luxurious comfort of this snug haven, designed to provide a sense of security and tranquility.

✧ Versatile comfort: Cozy warmth underneath, breezy relaxation within the hood
✧ Suitable for all cat breeds and ages

Ease Joint Pain & Prevent Arthritis

An orthopedic oasis of relief for joint discomfort and arthritis prevention! Crafted with the finest plush and materials, our Calming ComfortCave ensures unparalleled comfort and support. Tailored for senior cats, this bed provides specialized care for aging companions.

✧ Gently aligns the spine and relieves joint pressure for enhanced well-being
✧ Reduces arthritis risk, promoting lasting health for your beloved cat

Experience Behavioral Improvements First-Hand

Experience firsthand behavioral improvements in your pet! Just like us, they can act out when tired or irritated, resulting in behaviors like chewing, scratching, or meowing. Our Calming ComfortCave provides a dedicated safe haven for your fur baby to retreat, cuddle up, and enjoy restful naps, finding their inner calm.

✧ Built to endure: Crafted from high-quality fabrics for longevity.

🐾 COZY & PRIVATE: Our ComfortCave features a calming cover, providing your cat with a private sanctuary. Lined with fleece and topped with a long-haired plush outer layer, it's the ideal spot for your fur baby's peaceful rest, reducing stress and enhancing sleep patterns for improved behavior and health.

🐾 RAISED BED RIM: Designed with a raised rim, our ComfortCave completes the cave-like feel while offering essential head and neck support. Your cat will enjoy a full, restful sleep.

🐾 2 WAYS TO SLEEP: With an adaptable design this versatile ComfortCave isn't just a cat cave—it can be flattened for use as a normal bed, creating a cozy nest-like spot your cat will love. The anti-slip design ensures stability, allowing your cat to choose their preferred sleeping style while keeping the bed securely in place.

🐾 EASILY WASHABLE: Our ComfortCave is designed for convenience. Toss it in the machine for a thorough clean, and it's dryer-friendly for quick, hassle-free drying, ensuring a fresh and inviting space for your feline friend each time.

❤️‍🩹 Orthopedic & Anxiety Relief
Trusted & vet-approved, tested & proven to be orthopedic & alleviate anxiety, offering your cat a peaceful sanctuary

💤 Stress-Free Cat Naps
Ease your cat's worries - a peaceful haven for your cat's stress-free slumber

☁️ Heartwarming Comfort
Allow your cat to discover the essence of our snug ComfrotCave crafted for blissful naps and contented purrs.

The vet's seal of approval

Meet Dr. David Cohen

We'll help you be the best pet owner possible! Nothing is sold until an expert like Dr. Cohen approves it. This is how we keep our promise and always offer you the best products from the most competent experts, exactly when you need them most.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
My Dog Loves Her Cave Bed

A few months ago I had purchased the smaller version of this bed. While my dog s able to curl up in it just fine, I wanted to give her the option to stretch out a little more. She now loves both her beds. It is very soft, comfortable, and a great price for a high quality bed. I highly recommend this bed.

Cats favorite spot

So soft and so cute!! Our cat loves it!!

Well worth it.

I love that my little 6 pound chorkie Poopsie loves it. She likes to burrow, as you can see by the photos. This bed is hugely firm, yet soft and fluffy. Great buy.
Imagen del cliente

Finally a bed my cat likes!

Meowth generally likes to steal our chairs and sleep anywhere someone else sleeps. I wanted to find her a bed she could call her own - and this is the one!!
She loves it and curls up in her bed all the time. This is the first bed she has really used or liked, so it gets a 10/10 in my book.

Great bed, but cats wanted nothing to do with it!

Let me just say this is a great bed! I loved this bed. I’d sleep in this bed it was so soft and cushioned. The problem is my cats wanted nothing to do with it. Can’t tell you why. This bed is WELL worth the money.