About Us

Do you know the sensation when it's time to give a gift to a really close person, but you don't want to give them the same typical present that every person has done before? You want something different that really amaze the receiver and makes him remember you forever.

We know this sensation very well.

Since we were childs, we have always been looking for something special for our loved ones. Personally, I have never liked to give the typical perfumes, sweets and clothes. I always wanted to give more unusual things, and tried to surprise my loved ones with something that they will really like or, if I had the opportunity, create it by myself. I have not always been right, but when I was, it really was a great success.

All the team share the same philosophy, and like me, love the feeling of seeing someone happy with his gift. We know how difficult it is to find something that will awaken the other person's feelings.

That's why we created Atienzza.

We want that every person that visits us could find something special without breaking it's head and searching for hours.

We are working very hard every day to increase the variety of our products and improve our service. Nowadays, we mostly ship form our main warehouse in China, but some products (more and more products every week), are shipped from Germany and the United States.

Our family is growing up every day. People with the same philosophy as us join our affiliate program for free where they will receive a commission by promoting their favourite gift or one of our free affiliate packs. So if as +250 other happy affiliates you share the same philosophy as us (and also want to get some extra money and discounts), join us, you will be welcome :)

I hope this section has helped you to know us a little bit more, and if you have any question or simply want to say hello, you can contact us to: info@atienzza.shop

Kind Regards,

Alex (Owner of atienzza.com)