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Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks You'll Refuse To Take Off

Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks You'll Refuse To Take Off

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💖 Elastic Thigh Grips
📐 One Size Fits All
🧦 Toe Cutouts
🧼 Machine Washable


Endless Snuggles and Cozy Nights

Bid farewell to cold feet and welcome warmth and comfort with our Warmiez™ cozy socks. Embrace the winter bliss with these delightful and snug socks, turning every home moment into sheer delight.

Gif of a girl wearing Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks with toe cut off and machine washable
  • Elastic Thigh Grips: Snugg fit for extra security.
  • One Size Fits All: No matter the size of your thighs snuggs provide a perfect fit.
  • Toe Cutouts: If you want to pop your toes out, it's as simple as 123!
  • Machine Washable: Easily wash snuggs just like regular socks.
Size chart of Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks with toe cut off and machine washable with a model using it

All Day Comfort

Lined with super-soft fleece, the cozy socks are designed to be worn wherever you go. All day, every day.

gif of a sexy model wearing Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks with toe cut off and machine washable

Match with your bestie!

Grab an extra pair for your BFF or friend and get an additional discount so you can cozy up together in style.

gif of 2 happy friends using warmiez Warmiez™: The Fuzzy Long Socks with toe cut off and machine washable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Olivia Ellsworth
So happy I ordered these

One of the best purchases I’ve made. They are warm, soft and comfortable. I prefer wearing gowns, not pajamas. They keep my legs and feet warm. Sometimes I turn them over and wear the foot slit to the top, not the bottom as shown, and they are easier to walk in. My legs are small. So they are a bit roomy, but the elastic holds them up well passed my knees. I wish there was a small, medium and large size, rather than one size fits all. But I like them so much I think I will order another pair.

Thanks for your comment Olivia!

E. Jankowski
Good for adults or kids.

My niece wasn’t interested in these. I thought she’d like them to stay warm. It all depends on the person very subjective.
Although targeted for the legs these could easily be used on someone’s arms under a lose shirt or coat.
If nothing else connect the two and use as a long scarf. Warm material!!

J. Dubs
I wear an XS legging and these DON'T fall down

I was really into this because I work from home and it gets cold sitting in front of my computer in leggings all day. But my legs are pretty thin - even in a XS legging, I have some room, especially in the thigh area and I was worried these would just fall down the second I put them on. NOPE!! They're perfect, they're warm, they're SOFT like *wow*. I look like Snuffleupagus and I've never been cooler.

B. B.
Feeling Love On My Legs

I was super skeptical about these, but after having them for over 3 months, I can say they were definitely worth the purchase. I don't like thick, heavy, and restricting clothes, even in the cold, frigid, months. These allow me to wear a pair of leggings with them, and have my legs and feet nice and toasty. The elastic around the thighs don't cut off my circulation (and I have some pretty healthy hams). The day I knew I was completely smitten with these leg-warming socks is when I wore them over a friend's house for movie night. My friend is notorious for keeping their apartment ice-box cold. That use to cut movie nights really short for me. To heck with the movie when you're a popsicle! These lil snuggle buddies me to be warm and comfortable. I actually took my shoes off, flipped down the toe covers, and forgot I was in an igloo!

Summary: If you're here, you're thinking about them. Don't overthink it. GET 'EM!

Cute and comfortable

Love them perfect for cold weather either morning or night over pj’s and you can turn them into a leg warmer and wear them with boots and leggings 😀 Now after saying all that I have not washed them yet.