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    Sensory Pro™ Baby Water Mat

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    Rise a Happy & Healthy Kid.

    Prevent Flat Spots

    The Flat Head Syndrome is linked to motor, language and congnitive delays, and affects one every five babiesThe most common cause is baby's sleep position, as they are on their backs several hours a day, but it can also happen from beeing in strollers, car seats and swings.

    Rise a Healthy Baby

    Pediatricians highly recommend placing babies on our Baby Water Mat to play because it helps to strengthen their upper and lower limb muscles to prepare them to crawl.  Also, promotes the baby developement: Improve motor skills, strengthen the neck muscles and promote the sensory developement.

    Safety for you Little Angel

    Uses enviormentally friendly, non-toxic PVC and 6P materials ( without phthalates, in line with European EN71 safety standards).

    A Fantastic Gift

    Our Baby Mat is a preferable gift for its functional feature which helps with the overall growth of the babies, prevents flat head syndrome and it's filled with lots of fun as welll.

    The perfect gift for babies, aged 3 - 24 months.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 135 reviews
    Deb Minzen

    Haven’t received it yet!!!!

    Randall Pagac

    I got this as a gift for my nephew who is 8 weeks old. He is learning how to do tummy time since he has plagiocephaly. He really hates tummy time and has a long conehead (even though he was a c-section baby, but he had already descended the birth canal) I thought that this would help him tolerate tummy time better. So far, seems like he is doing better with the sensory Pro!

    Turner Bashirian

    My 3 month baby loves this for tummy time. Since we got it, she has been enjoying doing tummy time for the first time! I really recommend this to moms! The only downside is that you need to change the water every week and the inflatable side is very hard to blow. I almost lost my breath trying to inflate it.

    Chandler Rau

    Wish it was easier to clean, maybe a way to dry all the way when I switch out for new water. I’ve had it for over a month and the water is clean inside but they recommend to change it I guess. My 4 month old loves this. I think she will like it for a while!

    Odie Hauck

    My friends 5 month old son loves this pad. He loves to slap it and see the items move. Great tunmy time exercize!

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